At Hope Soars Foundation for Widows (H.S.F.W):

Taking care of widows and their children is a treasured commitment that we have been holding dear for over ten years, and, we do this regardless of our beneficiaries' beliefs, religion and political view among other things.

We believe the empowered woman can achieve so much, especially on a continent like ours, where, not much opportunity is given to the average female child let alone a widow whose late husband's families are quick to take away everything the late man has worked for with little to no regard for how the woman and her children survival afterwards.  And so instead of complaining about the unequalled playing field, we decided to aspire to make a difference every single day one widow at a time nationwide.  

Whenever the opportunity to selflessly serve arise, we offer 100% free skills acquisition, medical checkups and free medicines  and eyeglasses, wheelchair or crutches for widows or their immediate family members who need them, seed capital to skilled trainees, strive to purchase tools children of our widows will need for their learned skills so they won't feel less privileged and so on.


Latest Causes

With the aftermath of the COVID-19 necessitated stay-at-home and the global economy crash crisis, the number of widows we support have grown and below are three of our causes we always looking to fund:


H.S.F.W Educate All

Every year we partner with elementary, secondary and tertiary schools to enroll widows who are willing to go back or continue their education as well as widow's child(ren).

Fund Target : N2,700,000

December (Annual)

Food Drive

This is our annual event that often holds every third Saturday when we give food stuffs and cooking items to our 500+ card bearing beneficiaries in the spirit of Christmas.

Fund Target : N1,500,000


SkillUP + Seed 

Every now and then, we hold skills acquisition programmes to empower widows in assisting them towards bankable income generation after which we give them startup seed/grant. 

Fund Target: N2,500,000

Our Volunteers

Over the years, H.S.F.W have had quite a large number of volunteers, from when we visit other foundations to empower their people to health outreaches and more, but these are the few this page permits us to list:

Folashade Johnson


Yusuf R. Olatunji

Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)

Adebiyi O. Peter

M & E Officer

Adejumo Mary


How to Become a Volunteer?!

Becoming a volunteer at Hope Soars Foundation for Widows (H.S.F.W) is as easy as emailing the email address provided on the right side column of this section of the website. We will be happy if you can join us making living easy for these great women who are willing to work and are only unable to due to one reason or the other.

You can reach me by calling the number at the top of this page if you have any question on volunteering at H.S.F.W. 

--- Folashade Johnson, Founder

Register Now

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist us during our programmes or outreaches where we go to train women at other not-for-profit organizations at no cost at all and we will be glad if you join us. So, if you interested in volunteering at any of our events, email or simply input your email address in the box below: